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Is the smoke detector working?
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NFL open thread, season finale edition

I’m writing this on Saturday afternoon, because when you guys are reading it I’ll be at work. I only ever have to work one holiday a year, so I take New Years’ Day. I hate that it’s such an early shift but I’ll be done in time to watch the Raiders/Broncos game, such as it is now.

It’s kind of a bummer game, actually. First, the Broncos fail to make the playoffs and then the Raiders lose Carr in horrific fashion. Now, I hate the Raiders, but I’m still capable of feeling sorry for them in this case. I do want the Broncos to beat them and make them miss out on the AFC West championship, though. Sounds like the plan is that Trevor Siemian will probably play the first half and then Paxton Lynch will play the 2nd half.


I don’t know what early CBS game we get because weirdly it wasn’t listed on our affiliates’ website and I couldn’t be bothered to look further. Over on Fox we’ll get only NFC East games for some reason. I probably won’t watch them at work even though we do have a fairly big screen TV in ops and we’re allowed to have it on on weekends. I may miss seeing a big chunk of the Broncos’ game too because I promised I’d help my partner on an errand for his work, but I’ll be able to listen to the radio call at least. The game I’m waiting for is the Packers at Lions on Sunday Night. I’ll always be a bit of a Lions’ fan because I love underdogs and also I was born in Michigan. My long-suffering relatives deserve a deep playoff run. Plus, Stafford has looked pretty darn good this year.

So, which coaches do you think will retire or be fired once the season is officially over? I mean, besides the ones that already were? I’m most interested to see what happens with Marvin Lewis. I don’t necessarily think he should be fired, but the situation in Cincy reminds me a little bit of Shanahan’s last three seasons with Denver. Everything kind of grew stagnant and it just felt like a change was needed. Problem is, look at the Bengals before Marvin Lewis. They could easily slide back into that oblivion.


While I don’t think Kubiak will go anywhere, I honestly wouldn’t be entirely surprised if he made the decision to retire with the couple of health issues he’s had recently. Then I don’t know what the hell to expect. I don’t know that we want Wade as a head coach again (but I really want him to stick around as defensive coordinator, definitely).

So, in closing, GO LIONS! Also, for the love of God please don’t stick us with a Cowboys-Patriots Super Bowl. It would be the most insufferable Super Bowl ever.

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