Well, it’s here. The playoffs are here. WOO-HOO! All AFC games today, so by the end of the day we’ll know the AFC divisional matchups for next weekend. I’m not rooting for any particular outcome, I think the Broncos and Patriots will have their hands full whoever they get.

Kansas City at Houston: I’m not sure what to make of this game. My gut tells me KC is going to win it, though. They’re on a spectacular roll right now. Still, all rolls have to end at some point so I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see Houston win.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati: Everyone is going on and on about Pittsburgh winning this game, but I’m feeling like the Bengals will prevail. Losing DeAngelo Williams for this game is a big deal. Plus, there’s no guarantee which Steelers team shows up. Will it be the team that pounded the Broncos in a second-half comeback, or will it be the team that let a shitty Ravens team knock them down, and then barely beat the Browns in week 17?

So if my feelings are right, the matchups next week would be KC at Denver and Cincinnati at New England. How do you see the games today ending?