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NFL open thread

I didn’t see this game because I don’t have cable, but that hit on Petty was brutal. It was like watching a pro wrestling tag team gang up on one guy from the other team while the referee is distracted by a manager or the other wrestler or a shiny object or something.

If the Patriots are ever going to win a game in Denver, this is their best opportunity to do it. The Broncos’ D better hit Brady as much as they did in the AFC Championship last year and they better be able to stop the Pats run game. They really need to win this one. Sure, they can still get in the playoffs if they lose this game and win the next two, but then it will be one of those “Teams A, B and C must lose, teams D and E must tie, and the Electoral College has to vote in Ross Perot as president” situations. I’m glad the game is here, but I don’t argue the Patriots being favored.


I have to say, Trevor Siemian has been a nice surprise this year. He should be failing given the fact that he was a 7th round pick that was third string last year, he’d never thrown an NFL pass, and he spent the first few games hanging on to win games while making a few bad rookie mistakes. He’s gotten better a little bit every game and except for the injuries I don’t have many complaints. Matthew Stafford also was injury prone the first couple years in Detroit, but he’s hung in there. I think Siemian could be the long term starter but only if there’s a HUGE improvement in the o-line soon. They really need a run game and they need to protect the QB.

Here in Denver today CBS is giving us the Titans-Chiefs (Could they both lose? Is that possible? PLEASE?) early, then of course the Pats at Broncos. Fox there’s only an early game, and it’s Packers at Bears. What a load of bullshit. We could have an actually relevant-to-Denver-fans game like Philly at Baltimore, or two playoff caliber teams like the Lions and Giants, but no. Green Bay at Chicago. Gee, I wonder why ratings are down...

Today I’ll be pulling for the Jags (sorry Pat, but then again I doubt you have anything to worry about), Cleveland (LOL), Philly, I guess KC, Minnesota, Cincy, San Diego.... and the Lions because GO LIONS!

Who are you hoping loses to solidify your teams’ playoff chances?

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