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NFL open thread

Nitty gritty time. All but maybe two or three games have playoff implications. I’m reasonably sure the Bengals are DOA even if they beat the Browns, and the Chargers would need a total collapse by the Broncos (not impossible, just unlikely). Panthers, well... what the hell happened there? Unreal. I would think that if the Falcons and Bucs each win just one more game they’d eliminate the Panthers, though I haven’t really checked the playoff picture in the NFC. Also, the Jets play the Niners for draft seeding. Other than that, every other game will help shake things out.

Thank you KC, for the assist. I think the Broncos pretty much have to win out to even attempt to win the West and get a home game, but it still might not happen. If the Chiefs lose to the Broncos but win every other game, they hold the tiebreaker because of their better division record. That means the Broncos could end up 12-4 and not win the division. Also, they can miss the playoffs entirely. Also, they can (right now) still qualify for the number 1 or 2 seed. Crazy.


Pittsburgh at Buffalo, hmm. I don’t know how to call this one. Both teams have been a bit uneven. And which Buffalo team shows up? My gut tells me to go with the Bills, only because it’s in Buffalo.

This Broncos’ game against the Titans scares me. They can run, and the Broncos run D has been gashed for most of the year. The good news is that the Titans’ secondary is not good. I think Siemian is going to start, and that would make me feel a little better. I do remember what happened when we started a QB with a bad foot last year, though. If the Broncos can pull this off, it’ll because the D stepped up and got turnovers.

Arizona at Miami: My sister lives in the Miami area and while she’s still a Broncos fan, she follows the Dolphins. I know she thinks the Dolphins will probably lose this game. I hope she’s right. Every little bit helps.

Detroit probably beats the Bears. I almost feel bad for John Fox. Almost. Hey PatBateman, here’s a thought... what if the Texans end up not doing much in the playoffs (or end up missing them) and fire BOB, and then hire Foxy? I sort of think that might be a good idea. How much are they invested in keeping O’Brien? Anyway with Fox, he knows Brock well (though he never played him) and I don’t know that most of the problems with Chicago the last couple of years are really all on him. Just a thought.


The rest:

Houston at Indy: another one I can’t get a good feel for. My gut tells me the Texans win, though. The Vikings will beat the Jags, right? I can’t see any other way unless the Vikings all get food poisoning before the game. I think the Bucs beat the Saints, but it will be a tough game for Tampa. I think the Falcons will beat the Rams, but the Falcons seem flawed. I guess it wouldn’t surprise me if LA manages to beat them. I’ll take the Packers at home. The Seahawks are a good team, but I still think they lose this one. Cowboys probably beat the Giants, but I hope the Giants pull off an upset. And oh man do I want the Ravens to beat the Pats on Monday night. That means the Broncos would still have an outside (far outside) chance at a top seed.


This is gonna be good.

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