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NFL open thread

I think the Vikings got screwed by the refs. There’s no guarantee they would have successfully converted if the Cowboys were penalized since it would have been from the 3 & 1/2 yard line, but they should have been given the chance. I agree that not all penalties should be reviewable, but a blow to the QB’s head should be. Anyway, moving on.

That KC-Denver game didn’t end the way I wanted, but it was still a really good game. That was Trevor’s best game yet and I’m starting to think he might develop into a decent QB for the Broncos, but not if he keeps getting crushed like that. They better draft a whole bunch of offensive line help next year. I think the Broncos probably have to win out if they don’t want to be the 6th seed, and aside from today’s game against the Jags the remaining schedule is pretty tough. There’s no guarantee they win today, either. After all they’re starting a backup QB who was not good in his only other start against the Falcons, the offensive line is a continual dumpster fire, the run game is still anemic (though a bit better in the last game), special teams is alternately great and terrible, etc. The Raiders picked the right year to surge.


Speaking of the game, it’s an 11 o’clock start for those of us in the west and I friggin’ hate those. It’s the only CBS game we get, and over on Fox we’ll have Rams at Patriots (because who would want to watch a competitive game between potential playoff contenders like the Lions and Saints? The NFL can suck my balls.) and Giants at Steelers. That’ll be a good one. I’m stunned that they left the Carolina/Seattle game in the Sunday Night slot, with how Carolina is stinking it up this year. I can think of at least 3 games they should have flexed instead, especially the Dolphins/Ravens game. And then the Colts and the Jets have been exiled to Monday night.

So today, I’ll be cheering heavily for the Falcons and Bills along with my Broncos. Who are you hoping to see lose today to help your team’s playoff hopes?

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