Come on Cam, help us out wouldja?

That Vikings-Lions game was pretty damn good. My Michigan relatives are all very happy. Except for the yoopers, that is, because the Pack is terrible this year.

I heard the Broncos locked up Darien Stewart for 4 years. That’s awesome. I was worried he’d be gone if he made it to free agency. After this year there are going to be some holes to fill on the defense.

I’m a bit surprised that the Broncos are favored against the Chiefs today. Really I’m surprised either team is favored. They’re almost carbon copies of each other, except the Broncos have the better secondary and the Chiefs have a better offensive line. Other than that, you have two great defenses coupled with two offenses headed by quarterbacks who can’t or won’t (or aren’t allowed to) throw downfield. There’s going to be so many field goals! I feel like it’s going to be a split series again, so might as well say Broncos win this one and the Chiefs will probably win at Arrowhead. You know, unless Bradley Roby...

Wow, we get all the AFC West games today. On CBS early there’s San Diego at Houston, and for the second week in a row we’re rooting for the Texans. Seems like the Texans usually win at home, so fingers crossed! Then it’s Carolina at Oakland. I’m hopeful, but Carolina couldn’t beat the Chiefs with a 4th quarter lead, and the Raiders are better than the Chiefs. Then on Fox the only game we get is Seahawks at Buccaneers which will likely be completely ignored in the Denver market. Sunday Night is the Chiefs-Broncos game that was flexed. I have no idea which game was originally scheduled, but guess what, America? You get to see BOTH Broncos-Chiefs game on Sunday Night Football this year. That’s...weird. Bringing up the rear will be Green Bay at Philadelphia tomorrow night. Yikes.


What are you watching today?