Me: “Man, last week’s games were great! I’m fired up and ready for more!”

* looks at schedule *

Me: “Fuckin’ bye weeks.”

Seriously, though, that’s a potential cure for bad NFL ratings...less shitty games.

With the Broncos on their bye, I’m becoming a cheerleader for the Texans and Buccaneers. The Chiefs look strong right now, but this is exactly the type of game that they love to lose for no good reason: at Arrowhead versus a middling team. I think they’ll probably win, but I wouldn’t be even a little surprised if they don’t. The Raiders look like they’ll probably pound the Texans, unfortunately. Unless Brock can break out and have a good game I think it’ll probably be one-sided. Still, fingers crossed.

Also, it’s ridiculous that they don’t have more games in Mexico. They already have an audience down there. I am actually OK with the whole UK experiment, but doing that while ignoring Mexico is dumb. And forget China, I think a more logical (or at least logistical) choice would be to try to crack Brazil. Big population, similar time zones, plenty of stadiums, etc. It’s a long flight, but at least there wouldn’t also be a huge time difference to contend with.

Let’s see, what can I watch today? Over on CBS we have the Ravens at the Cowboys early, and Eagles at Seahawks late. Wow, that’s not bad. I don’t think the Ravens can knock off the Cowboys at this point, though. I doubt the Eagles will be able to beat the Seahawks in Seattle either. On Fox, we only get one early game but it’s the right one: Tampa at KC. That’ll be the one I’ll be watching, most likely. Go Bucs! Sunday night is Green Bay at Washington. The Packers seem to be in free-fall mode, so my money is on Washington. And then hopefully the Texans find some way to upset the Raiders on Monday night.


How’s your team doing at this point in the season?