Yes, football! Please distract me from reality for a while. *pays attention to football* Oh, great. In football reality, the Broncos kinda look like shit.

Let’s see, the much-improved Raiders are in first place in the AFC West, The flawed-but-rolling Chiefs are in second, the Broncos are slumping pretty badly in third, and they have a competitive Chargers team looking to make a jump. Ugh. I guess it probably doesn’t matter much, given how unstoppable the Pats look right now. They’re likely to cut through everyone in the AFC anyway.

I don’t know that the Broncos can push themselves back into contention. They haven’t even played the Chiefs yet, they have the Patriots coming here, an inconsistent Titans team that has enough talent to beat them, and another game against the Raiders. At this point I can’t even be sure they’d beat the Jags in a couple weeks. The offensive line is a disaster, which in turn has killed the run game. I hear a lot of whining about Trevor Siemian, but how is it his fault that the Broncos can’t run the ball? It isn’t helping that he doesn’t get time to throw, or that his receivers are dropping passes left and right or not getting open either. Maybe, just maybe, the coaches should STOP CALLING FUCKING DRAW PLAYS UP THE FUCKING MIDDLE WHEN IT’S OBVIOUS THE OFFENSIVE LINE CAN’T OPEN THE FUCKING GAPS!! When they pitch it out to the outsides, or when the fullback gets the ball, or when they show just a bit of creativity in play calling, they’ve had a bit of success. But then it’s right back to stupid draw plays or pass pass pass punt. The defense has been hurt too, but they’re also not playing up to their ability. Also, I think it’s time to admit that losing Malik Jackson hurt more than they thought it would. Ugh. Where are my Tums?

So, here we’ll only get the Broncos-Saints on CBS, and over on Fox it’s the Packers at Titans which almost no one in Denver will pay much attention to, followed by Dallas at Pittsburgh. That’s a pretty damn good game, actually. And I’ll be pulling hard for the Seahawks tonight against the Pats so that there’s some hope the Broncos could keep pace with New England. Monday night’s game is not bad, surprisingly, with the Bengals at the Giants.

So how’s your team doing at the just-slightly-past-the-middle-point of the season?