Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?
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NFL open thread

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Pictured: Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr.

Ok, so it’s not quite that bad, but man does Derek Carr have some dark circles under his eyes. It’s more pronounced when he has his helmet on. “Football is pain. Also, mom won’t buy me a car.”


The Raiders are good again? What year is this, anyway? That’s got to piss off their fan base; they start to get decent and are 99% certain to move to Vegas in a couple years. Anyway, they showed some flashes last year and have made a lot of progress this year too. Jack Del Rio was clearly the right man for the head coaching job. He’s kinda the opposite of Wade Phillips in that he’s a fair to middling coordinator but a good head coach. I’m sure Jacksonville regrets firing him (or they should). I still feel like the Broncos will win this game, assuming the Raiders’ D stays as bad as it’s been. The Broncos’ offense needs to get it going today, though. There’s no excuse for them to not have a big day on the Raiders. It sucks to not have Talib, but Roby played well in his place last week. Plus they have Demarcus Ware back.

Before then, we get (on CBS) the Steelers at the Ravens for the early game, which I’m not likely to watch. I already don’t like watching either of those teams, and the Steelers are without Big Ben. Pass. The afternoon game sounds interesting, with the Colts at the Packers. I think that’s the one I’ll probably end up watching the whole way through. Only one game for us on Fox, the early matchup of the Cowboys at the Browns. Yes, I’d still rather watch this one instead of Steelers-Ravens, though I’m probably going to go for a long walk during the early games. Then Monday night there’s a halfway decent game for once, with the Bills at the Seahawks. I might give that one a listen (still no cable).


What games are you watching today?

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