Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?
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NFL open thread

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Look who’s gonna watch football with me today? IN MAH BELLEH!

Someone at NFL scheduling is gonna get fired. They actually arranged a decent matchup for London? *clutches the pearls*


Man, this injury to C.J. Anderson sucks. It happened early in the game against the Texans, and he was able to stay in the game so nobody expected it when he got put on IR. I mean, I like the other three backs we have but none of them can block as well. Also, Brandon Marshall has a hamstring issue so there’s no telling how effective he’ll be. The season is starting to hit the Broncos pretty hard. I think they have a much better chance to beat the Chargers this time, especially since it’s here in Denver and we actually have our coach this time.

This week, we get the early bird London game on Fox (currently in the 2nd quarter, tied 7-7), followed by the Seahawks at the Saints (blech). Oh good, there’s no other game on CBS against it. NFL, this is why your ratings are shit. The schedule needs to be flexible for ALL the networks, not just Sunday night games. Nobody here cares at all about that game. It’s an NFC matchup and it’s not even a good one. Oh, look, two other early games are on that involve AFC West teams. Yeah, why would we want to see either of those, right? Anyway, we get the Broncos game in the afternoon with nothing up against it. The Sunday night game is one I’d usually hate (Cowboys and Eagles), but I’m interested to see it this year. I haven’t seen Carson Wentz play yet, and the Cowboys look legit. I’m told there’s a Monday night game, but then they said ‘Chicago Bears’ and my eyes glazed over and I stopped listening.


What games are you watching this week?

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