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Is the smoke detector working?
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NFL open thread

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Pictured: interim Broncos coach Joe DeCamillis.

I swear, with the hyper-conservative play calling it felt like Foxy was back. Psst, Broncos: STOP TRYING TO RUN UP THE MIDDLE ON EVERY SINGLE RUN PLAY. The O-line isn’t opening the gaps, and when shit’s not working you have to try something else, for fuck’s sake. I hate pitch plays, but when the Broncos did one it worked well. Now, I get that it was the second road game in a row on a really short week where they had travel problems coming back from Tampa, and then losing the head coach to an illness was piled on top of that, but that doesn’t excuse piss-poor play calling. Also, I think part of the problem was that the Broncos’ defense missed the flight to San Diego and didn’t actually get to the stadium until partway through the 3rd quarter. On a positive note, though, Siemian looked decent in his first game back from injury. I’m glad he’s back. Oh, and those Broncos uniforms? Change the pants to white and make them the alternate, like right meow. I loved them.


One last note, if your team plays the Chargers this season, look out. Everyone looks at their record but they’re a dangerous team. Those last minute losses have been crazy. They even came close to losing this one; when they showed that close up of Mike McCoy crouching on the sideline after the Broncos recovered the onside kick it looked like he was having a panic attack. “OH GOD IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN OH GOD OH GOD”

This will be the first of two Sundays in a row with no Broncos game scheduled (they host Houston on MNF a week from Monday), and I hate that because it fucks up my routine. Today we have Eagles at Redskins (blecch) for the only early game, followed by the Cowboys at the Packers (meh) and the Chiefs at the Raiders (GO CHEFS!). I’m thinking I’m going to go for a nice long drive and a cigar during the afternoon games, so I’ll probably be listening to the Chiefs/Raiders game on Sirius and switch back and forth between that game and the Falcons/Seahawks game, which is suddenly interesting.


Sunday night will see the Texans beating the Colts. That will make it a bit easier for the Texans to deal with losing to the Broncos next week. :)

Then on the game no one will watch Monday Night Football we’ll have the Jets at the Cardinals. It sort of feels like this season they’ve substituted the regular Jets and Cards teams with their early-90's versions.


How’s your team holding up so far this season?

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