Hey, there’s “football” on already. (Federal law requires the word football to be in quotation marks when used in reference to the Jacksonville Jaguars, at least until their next winning season.)

The Broncos are out east for the second week in a row, this time to play the Buccaneers in Tampa. It’s always weird to see this game, because they play each other so rarely. This’ll be the ninth time they’ve faced each other, with the Broncos holding a 6-2 record against them. Fun fact, the Buccaneers actually started out in the AFC West in their first year before switching with the Seahawks. The NFL did it to ensure that the two expansion teams played every other franchise in their first two years. And now I’ve run out of any interesting things to say about this game. The Broncos should handle the Bucs, not because I think the Bucs are a bad team but this is a bad matchup for them.

I’m currently watching the aforementioned “football” game. We won’t get a regular early game on CBS this week, just the Broncos game later. Over on Fox we get Seahawks at Jets (not bad), and then in a rarity we get a late game up against the Broncos game, Cowboys at Niners. Eeeeeeeew.

Tonight’s game is a good one: Chiefs at Steelers. Is there any way they could both lose? That’d help us out a bunch. And on Monday Night Football it’s Giants at Vikings. I may have to go somewhere and watch that one.

Anyway, I’m ready for another day of football. I got some good scotch, some leftover jambalaya that I threw together last night (no chicken but extra sausage because I love me some smoked sausage), and the house to myself.


How’s your team doing? Also, question for the UK fans, have you gone to one of the London games yet or do you plan to at some point in the future?