Image posted in solidarity with the poor souls here that don’t care about sports and therefore lack any real meaning in their day-to-day lives. :)

I hate early games. They fuck up my whole routine and rhythm. The Broncos are in Cincinnati this week. I have no real strong instinct for this one; I mean, I kinda feel they’ll probably win. If they lost this game it wouldn’t be a disaster but I’d like for them to have a strong showing on the road, what with a QB with only 2 starts and a reshuffled offensive line since Stephenson’s out. They haven’t played a road game since December of last year (not counting the Super Bowl). Ugh, next week’s an early game too? Bleh.

Hey, that’s weird. Usually when the Broncos play early we don’t get an afternoon game to follow on that same network, but today it’ll be Jets at Chiefs. It’ll be opposite the Niners at Seahawks (yawn) on Fox. No early Fox game for us.

Sunday night will be... the NFL scheduled the Bears in a Sunday Night Football game? Wow. Chicago at Dallas. If Dallas loses this game, that would be very bad. And since Chicago shouldn’t be able to win this one, I’ll probably be rooting for them to do just that. And then Falcons at Saints on Monday Night Football in the 10th anniversary of the Steve Gleason game. I’d actually want to watch that one, but I haven’t watched a Monday night game that didn’t involve the Broncos since 2008 when I moved in with my partner (no cable).

How’s your team doing? (Sorry to bring that up, PatBateman. Holy crap that was an uuuuugly game.)