I think someone needs to buy one of these for Chris Ivory. Seriously, I wonder what the hell happened to him. Hopefully it’s not as scary as what happened to Rahim Moore a couple years ago.

Ugh. The NFL is making us in Denver watch the Chiefs at Texans in the early game. I’m not upset because I think it’ll be a bad game (it’ll probably be ok), I’m upset because we don’t get the Bengals-Steelers cage match. What’s on FOX in the early game? Cowboys-Redskins? Really? We can’t have Giants-Saints? Eat a bag of dicks, NFL. Anyway, no Jamaal Charles again for the Chefs. Doesn’t seem to be affecting them that much, though. I have no idea how that game will play out. One team will probably win.

The Broncos are hosting the Colts today. On paper it looks like the Broncos should walk away with it, but for some reason the Colts have owned the Broncos the last few years. I’m probably going to be all tense and stressed through this game.

The late game on FOX in my area is.... New York Red Bulls at Toronto FC, because they rarely schedule another NFL game against the Broncos.


Green Bay at Minnesota should be interesting. Still not sure who is starting at QB tonight for the Vikings. Shaun Hill got them the win last week, but they spent enough on Sam Bradford that he’ll probably start as soon as he has a rudimentary grasp on the playbook.

Philly at Chicago on Monday night... and I’m not going to bother finishing that sentence because I’m already bored.


How does your team look this week?