I know I’m reusing this, but it makes me laugh every time.

Week 3 of the preseason is here which means the fake football has a slightly real-er feel to it, at least in the first half. How’s your team look? Are you confident, or balled up in the fetal position softly crying?

Oh, Mark Sanchez. I really was hoping you could have turned it around and made a comeback. I watched all of the buttfumble game as it happened, and it was just so awful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a qb have a worse game. (I know the Broncos have had blow-out Super Bowl losses, but at least they had made it there.) At first, he looked like he might be able to do it and showed flashes of ability, but those 2 fumbles against the Niners... There’s no way to sugarcoat it, that’s Mark Sanchez. I feel that unless Trevor Siemian totally shits the bed tonight against the Rams, Sanchez probably won’t even be on the roster to start the season. Shame. Also, I’m getting a real Kyle Orton-vibe from Siemian. I hope I’m wrong.

Alright, who took Tony Romo out of his protective casing? Good thing they drafted Dak Prescott. That’ll be interesting to watch.

Tom Brady cutting his thumb made me laugh for some reason; not because I want him to be injured (I don’t), but... using something sharp to unstick something from your cleat just seemed dumb for someone so smart. I kinda hoped it would become a meme, so I’m gonna try my hand at it...