Christmas music to set the mood right:

I’m probably not going to see much football today. My older sister is flying in from Florida later this week and my parents are coming up to town from the San Luis Valley. We have to get the house ready and it’s a mess. I’ve had to work 2 12-hour shifts this week and my partner works in retail. Oh, and did I mention I have only about half my shopping done? FUCK. It figures they’d actually let us have the Giants-Panthers game. Oh well.

Besides, I think the Broncos are probably going to lose to the Steelers today. I mean, they COULD win, and I think it’ll be a close game, but they’re treading water right now and the Steelers have been on a roll. I’d love to be wrong, though. I think they’ll still win the last two games and the division.

What are you watching? Or are you stuck doing last-minute crap, too?