Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?
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NFL open thread

Oh, Detroit Lions. Only you could lose a game that you led 17-0 at halftime quite this way. Ok, maybe the Browns could too, fair enough. (Clipe está em Português, porque por que não?)

Then I saw the cameras settle on this guy:

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I can just imagine his inner monologue: “Yep, I’m a Lions fan. Football is pain. Pain is all I know, and all I will ever know.”

Seriously though, why wasn’t someone in front of Richard Rodgers on that play? And why wasn’t that someone Calvin Johnson? I thought every team put their tallest guy in on defense during a hail mary. I can’t remember if it was this season or last season, but I know that the Broncos had Brock Osweiler in defending a hail mary at least once. I feel like it was this season, though.


No early CBS game for us today, the only early game we get is Seahawks at Vikings. Should be interesting, but I may have to miss it to get some things done. I’m probably pulling for the Vikings, it just feels like Seattle is having an off year and will get bounced out of the playoffs quickly if they get there. Broncos are at the Chargers after that. The Broncos have that terrible habit of playing down to their competition, but it seems like they’ll win this game. Lately games at Qualcomm against the Chargers are like an extra home game for the Broncos. I can’t say I blame San Diego fans for not coming when the team’s been threatening a move for so long. Normally there isn’t a game on Fox for us during the Broncos broadcast, but we get the Eagles at Patriots today. I’ll probably glance at it from time to time but I doubt there’s any good reason to. Even with the Patriots down to just Tom Brady and four random guys they pulled out of the stands, I’d be a bit surprised if the Eagles could pull off an upset. Sunday night is Colts at Steelers... even if it’s an important matchup for the playoff picture, I just can’t muster any enthusiasm for it. I’ll probably watch it anyway, but meh. Monday Night Football barely exists for me anymore since I haven’t had cable in over eight years, so I guess it’s ok that Dallas and Washington are scheduled.

What are you watching today?

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