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NFL open thread

Since the NFL fucked up a game for colorblind fans, they should make the Pats and Giants play today each in their home uniforms, so that everyone else has to deal with it. Fair’s fair, right? Oh sure, I know they aren’t the same shade exactly, but it’d still be hard to watch.

Actually, I like the idea of both teams wearing colored jerseys, but how about giving it some actual thought first? For example, Broncos in orange unis against the Chiefs in red unis would not be fun, but why not Broncos in orange and Raiders in black? Or even Broncos in dark Blue and Chargers in powder blue? And NOT WITH THE SAME COLOR PANTS. It ALWAYS looks like they’re wearing pajamas. Knock it off, wear light colored pants.


Speaking of Broncos and Chiefs, my gut tells me Broncos win. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chiefs win though, they are on a bit of a roll and the Broncos will be without Ware and Talib. I wish the Chiefs would get better, that was always my favorite division rivalry. Lots of the games over the years have been memorable. Elway vs. Montana, Shannon Sharpe making the Chiefs’ D lose their minds so bad that a Chiefs player got cut the next day, beating them in a game where Tim Tebow completed only 2 passes the ENTIRE GAME. How does that even happen?

Our early games are Browns at Steelers (excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little), and Lions at Packers (BLAAAGHRGHHHHHH....there went the rest of it). I looked at all the other early games and man, all of them are crap. I almost wish we got the Ravens-Jags game, because if you’re stuck watching bad games it might as well be the worst one.

On a side note, has anyone tried Oak by Absolut? I’m really curious and interested, but can’t bring myself to buy a whole bottle of it.


What will you be watching today?

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