It took 20 minutes for me to get the live Yahoo stream of the Bills-Jags game to work. And then, it got worse. I was being shown the Bills-Jags game. Ba-dum-tiss. Seriously, though, NFL? Yahoo? I guess I understand using them, since it’s not like there’s an internet video watching website or anything, and the NFL doesn’t even have it’s own website...

No Broncos this week due to the bye, though I’m pretty sure the bye week would be able to pick off Peyton Manning twice and the Broncos would still beat it.

Today we only get one CBS game but it’s a good one. Jets at Patriots. That is the early game I’ll be watching, especially since the other game is Saints at Colts, and my give-a-shit is busted. Then the late game is Cowboys at Giants. I don’t even pretend to guess how that one is going to go. It’s weird, we’ve gotten a bunch of Giants games this year, it seems like way more than normal. Then the Eagles an Panthers on Sunday night, and I’d guess the Panthers are going to win that one. I would think the Cards should be able to handle the Ravens on Monday night.

What are you watching today?