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NFL open thread

This is awful. Daniel Fells, a tight end for the NY Giants, is fighting MRSA in his ankle after getting a cortisone shot after an injury. He’s played for a handful of teams, including the Broncos during Tim Tebow’s starting season. It sounds like a really bad situation, especially if it gets into the bone and blood because that can be fatal. Here’s hoping they can nail it and he can recover, but there’s a good chance he’ll never play again.

Here in Denver, we get Seahawks at Bengals on Fox, and... St. Louis at Green Bay on CBS? I’ll never get used to the NFL flexing NFC games to CBS and AFC games to Fox, it’s just weird. I guess if it keeps us from having to watch Browns-Ravens or Jags-Bucs I’ll learn to live with it.


The Broncos are in Oakland to face the Raiders. I think the Broncos will win, but it’s probably going to be a much closer game. The Raiders have a long way to go but they don’t look as bad as they have for the last dozen or so years.

I’m also pulling for the Cowboys to upset the Pats, because reasons. Anyone know why the league couldn’t flex that game into the Sunday night spot, instead of the terrible matchup we have to see tonight?

What game are you watching?

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