Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

NFL open thread

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My team already played Thursday night, in a boring game where absolutely nothing of note happened. (I really want someone to make a t-shirt with Brandon Marshall and Peyton Manning on it with the caption “Great F***in’ Win”.)


Unfortunately, we don’t get the one early game I really wanted to see (Pats at Bills). We get San Francisco at Pittsburgh and San Diego at Cincinnati. I think it’s probably too much to ask for the Bengals to knock off the Chargers, I expect San Diego to win. Then we only get the Cowboys-Eagles afternoon game, and I just can’t care. I guess it’s time to snag a cigar and go for a long drive so I can listen to the Pats-Bills game on Sirius. The Sunday Night game should be a good one. I feel like the Packers will take it and make the Seahawks 0-2. I doubt that matters much. I can’t see the Seahawks staying down for long, especially since they get Chicago at home next week.

What games are you watching? Any upsets going to happen? For some reason I keep getting a nagging feeling that the Jags are going to beat the Dolphins, but I could be hallucinating.

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