Oh, Kyle Orton. First, you won a bunch of games for the Bears, but they decided Rex Grossman was a better QB than you (spoiler alert: he wasn't) so you ended up 3rd string. Then Josh McDaniels started a bitchy slap fight with Jay Cutler and the Bears decided he was a better QB than you (spoiler alert: he's not). Then you came here to Denver, did well for a bit, then sucked for a bit (longer), and then the fans decided Tim Tebow was a better QB than you (spoiler alert: ok, well, he kinda was, in spite of the fact that he can't throw a forward pass). Then you took a bunch of money from Jerry Jones to warm a bench and destroy the Cowboys playoff hopes with an interception.

Now you've found your way to Buffalo, and are having some success. I'm actually happy for you, as I was pretty much a Kyle Orton apologist while you were here. I've heard you've been kind of a dick, but if I had that whole Tim Tebow circus thing happen to me I'd probably be bitter and prickish too. So, congratulations. But I still hope that by the end of your game against the Broncos today you're just a stain on the field. Nothing personal.

In other news... did you know The 2-10 Buccaneers are alive for the first overall draft pick AND also alive to win the AFC South and host a playoff game.? THEY'RE 2-10! Oh, I know, it's super unlikely, but I'm going to root for them to make the playoffs because it's so crazy.

If you told me at the beginning of the season that Baltimore @ Miami and Indianapolis @ Cleveland would be games that would have major playoff implications in week 14, I wouldn't have believed you. I still kinda don't.

The Texans play the Jags. I fully expect JJ Watt to play QB for a quarter.

KC at Arizona? SO MUCH RED AND WHITE. I hope the Cardinals wear their black uniforms, just for some contrast. I feel like the Cards are that chicken that had its head cut off and then lived for years afterward. How are they still alive?


They picked a great game for Sunday night. From a Broncos' fan perspective, either way it goes is kind of neutral, so since it doesn't matter I'm just going to sit back and enjoy it.

What will you be watching today?