Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

For those who may not have heard, Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry won't be playing against the Broncos tonight. Last week, after the Chiefs lost to the Raiders, he complained of discomfort in his chest. After running tests, doctors found a mass in his chest that might be lymphoma.

Other NFL fans might not know much about him because up until last year the Chiefs haven't been that good. He's easily one of the Chiefs' best players though, and they're going to miss him a LOT in this game tonight. The Chiefs have been through a lot in the last couple years, here's hoping he makes a speedy recovery. He should try to look on the bright side, though, at least he won't have to be around that damn horse for a while.


There's some good games this weekend with playoff implications (SD @ BAL, CLE @ BUF, NE @ GB), and a couple of stinkers (NYG @ JAX, OAK @ STL). Today I'm going to be a Packer fan for a bit, hoping they can help the Broncos dig out of the hole they made in losing to the Pats a couple weeks ago.

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