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Is the smoke detector working?
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New SNL Skit Mocks The Perma-Offended With "Asian-American Doll"

This skit hits close to home with the writers, developers, and artists who have been made to dance on a pinhead to avoid the social justice crusades against them.


Blowback is a hell of a thing. When the makeup and perms of '80s glam rock got old, the '90s pushed back with the ripped sweaters and torn jeans of grunge rock. To a lesser extent, the same phenomenon is happening as mocking the perpetually butt-devastated becomes increasingly mainstream.

But Viper, why did they choose to joke about an Asian-American doll?

Because African-American doll would be racist.

"But Viper, they're just dolls. Clearly no one could be so offended that they'd go looking for problematic behavior in everything — even kids toys."


OK, you raise a good point. The dolls example is a little extreme, but the message still stands: the constant complaints are getting old... if not less sincere.

UPDATE: Oh, for fuck's sake. Video details problematic behavior of toy developers.

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