I went to an advanced screening this evening...i regret it.


Before I get started, I just want to say that I’m glad that ScarJo finally got her a big budget Hollywood film built around her. Who knows when Disney/Marvel Studios will give her her own “Black Widow” movie.


If you know nothing about Ghost in the Shell Manga/Anime, and want to see this movie, prepare to be confused. Sure everything is pretty looking, but that’s it. You’ll never quite understand why ScarJo’s character is so stiff, so robotic. You won’t understand her character’s global significance. You’ll understand that she isn’t human anymore. And that’s about it. You might like it. Or you’ll feel like you just wasted $XX on a movie ticket. Or you’re a young teen that isn’t allowed to watch ‘R’ rated movies and this is the closest you’ll get to see ScarJo nude in a movie because you have no clue how to get the parent lock off your computer and watch “Under the Skin”

If you ARE familiar with the Manga/Anime: prepare to be insulted. As you’ve probably gathered from the trailer, the filmmaker has picked and chose bits from the original theatrical anime, and “Stand Alone Complex” 1st and 2nd Gig, just to create an unoriginal story. You will recognise it all and will be unimpressed. There isn’t much to latch onto in the world created for this movie.


It will be the longest 1h50m of your life.

The pacing is off. There isn’t anything engaging about it.

It’s boring.

It has no soul.

But there are 2 things that I find so insulting:

1) Near the end of the end credits, a line scrolls up the screen to tell you this movie was based on a COMIC. Not a MANGA, A FUCKING COMIC!!!


2) There is a major plot twist that the script rides on that takes whitewashing to a whole new level that has me the most upset. Frankly, it’s unforgivable and right or wrong, I feel that ScarJo will feel the brunt of the anger for it.

I said from the beginning that the only way I would watch this movie was to see an advanced screening (which I did), someone else paid for my ticket, free on a subscription network/channel, or means that shall not be named.

I’m too tired .

I wan’t my time back.

1.5 stars out of 4