And I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel for me. This place is a total free for all warzone that tries to hide it behind a “teamwork/we all eat” talk.

My boss is the moodiest man I’ve ever met and he has so many knee jerk reactions it’s crazy. Our GM is the “teamwork is key” and “work smart not hard” guy BUT he only preaches that because he doesn’t have to lift a finger. The sales manager is, and I quote, “on the balls of his ass” in terms of job security and is not someone to trust. Our BDC manager got promoted to “in charge when the boss isn’t here” because she is inches away from sucking him everyday. The new BDC woman does NOT know cars or even how to run a BDC department.

Of the 4 remaining salesman, Dave is a total savage who hides behind a smile. Mike is 24 and knows his shit but I’m currently out selling him, so he’s on the hot seat. Rob is the newest guy and clueless...despite me helping him.

One of the OVE guys is a fucking dick..the other, Jimmy, is one of the few good guys here. Our inventory guy, Abel, and detailer, Pedro, are also the few good guys here.

I want to be here, because I get to be around cool cars and I get paid well. Yet this toxic environment is killing me.