I am 15 years old. I am one of 4 kids born to Mr and Mrs Hondoyota. I have many friends, they’re in jail, dead, addicts, or fake, with the exception of a few. I currently live in a house with 2 of 3 other siblings, my parents, my mom’s mom and stepdad, and my mom’s sister. I hate everything.

My grandparents on my dad’s side live in a different country and aren’t in the best health. My grandparents on my mom’s side are the ones I live with and they suck. My step-grandpa is ok but he follows the two headed snake of my grandma and aunt way too easily. As for said snake, it slowly poisons and kills my dad. My dad has stage 4 kidney disease, anemia, lupus, two anneurisms, and various issues. He’s in his early forties, looks like a 20 year old, but inside is dying. He’s there at home all the time but sometimes, more often and often, not there mentally. He’s a good dad though, and everyone says I’m just like him in many ways. My mom also says that, but in a bad way. My dad hates my grandma and aunt, and since I agree with that because I’ve seen their bitchy behavioral patterns and evil intent, my mom has a problem with that. She seems to have a problem with everything I do, I could be joking about something with my dad or sibling that has absolutely nothing to do with her and she’ll hop on my ass and say that there’s something bad about what I’m saying, which leads to me usually ignoring her but now, I’ve had it. I fight back and it always ends up with her saying I’m not the son she wanted to raise and I turned out bad and shit and me just being tired of it all. During these arguments my dad either feels compelled to agree with her for obvious reasons, sits there silently, or defends me. If you ask me, she’s starting to act more and more like my grandma/aunt. But in the end she’s still my mom who was good until we moved.

Ah, yes. The big move. From Illinois to Florida. June 28th, 2016 is the day my world went poof.

Since the day I was born I’ve lived in Illinois, first the south side of Chicago then Bolingbrook in a rather nice neighborhood. The people there were great. I loved it. Then my dad got sick in 2012 AFTER WE VISITED FLORIDA. He’s been worse since then. Afterwards, he wasn’t able to work and my mom’s daycare wasn’t getting enough money, then I found out our cool house was owned by my grandma. And since some stupid religious crap said that they should move to Florida, they decided to with no regard to me and my family. I was in 7th grade with my friends and girlfriend that I’ve been with since 4th grade. Things were good. Then on that fateful day, I had to leave to where I am now. I had to leave my girl, my friends, my LIFE behind. And the days leading up to moving day were horrible. Family fights, me getting choked by my other uncle, guns, and sickness. And knowing that I wouldn’t see my friends anymore. I wanted to die. Fuck it all. We moved and there are so many idiots, fake people, and jerks. The way everything operates here is so stupid, and it just helps so much that my grandma decided to move us to Kissimmee, with all the true idiots. It sucks and i hate everything.

This rant is everywhere and probably makes no sense. I don’t care.

Back to when I was like a year old: my grandma was upset that my mom was pregnant for no reason. My mom and dad both worked pretty hard jobs then, and my mom was working while pregnant but everything was fine....until my grandma started yelling and fighting with my mom AS SOON AS SHE STEPPED IN THE DOOR FROM WORK. The stress was a lot and my grandma knew exactly what she was doing. Later on my mom went to the hospital for a routine check, and they found that my soon to be born brother was dead. It was because of my grandma’s constant bitching and my mom’s weakened emotions that he died. I didn’t know until my dad decided to tell me after we moved here because he felt I was old enough. And after the news broke, my grandma laughed. The witch LAUGHED. She said, “good!” And then my dad actually had to hold back my mom from killing my grandma.


That same method of torture is what she and my aunt do to my dad every day. They know he’s a lot weaker and is sick, and since he disagrees with them a lot with all their crap they pull and their religiousness (more on that later), they think he’s a the devil in their lives when he only intervenes when they pull shit to us for no reason. So they want him dead. They even said so, when we were about to go out and my dad had to go get something from the house, they thought we were gone and immediately started talking shit, which my dad overheard. But despite all their attempts, which landed my dad in the hospital many times and he almost died at least 20 times, the guy just won’t die and I applaud him. I love my dad. If he does.....die..... And my grandma says something along the lines of “good!” Then she’s dead. And my aunt. And me.

These people put me in a living hell. Since my dad can’t even argue with them anymore to get them to stop harassing me and my siblings and him and my mom, I do it for him. If I didn’t, he’d for sure be dead. But this is stressful to me. I think im not suicidal, but when I describe my day to one of my only good friends in this world, he thinks so. I don’t even know anymore, or care. I guess the reason why I don’t consider myself suicidal is because I still have dreams of peace and my own future with cars and then the big picture of making the world a better place alongside my best bros. I know there’s people out there that might give a shit, but the people who are supposed to give a shit don’t. I don’t know anymore. I just don’t know.

Onto the whole religion thing now.

One person on here I consider to be one of the greatest most influential and powerful Oppos said something that I’ll quote... But first, put your hands together for Miss Mercedes.


“So, I’m completely non-religious, however I try to live my life with an open mind. If you’re religious, cool! So long as you respect that not everyone will believe in your religion and you don’t try to force people to believe your religion, I will always support your religion.”

This is me and my dad. For my dad it’s because he just doesn’t know and decides to live his life however. For me, it’s for the same reason, but also because of my grandma and aunt. They are the biggest bitches on Earth but they think if they blast their religious music and worship statues and all these other rituals and shit that all of a sudden they’re saints. And they tried to force these customs and religion on my whole family and they live by that, and since they have financial power over us they get to do whatever and we can’t complain about it. This is why my dad is against them for their religious behavior but not the religion itself. I agree with him. Oh, and the religion is some Hindu/Buddhism/ hybrid stuff.

This is my life. I live like this every day. You all probably see it as some angsty teen who’s just pissed that he had to move, but it’s way more than that. If you can’t see that and only read this to ridicule me, then..... Oh well. Looks like there’s another jerk on my endless list. I’m always very sad and try to bury it with my childhood dream of starting my own car company or even just doing car stuff. I post on Oppo because y’all are a good group of people I can relate to. But the cover can only stay on for so long until the wind of reality blows it off. This is me, like it or not. Welcome to my living hell. This is only rant post number one out of a lot. Goodbye for now, I’m putting the cover back on to stop myself from being depressing to others.