Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

If you don’t agree, come at me. You’re wrong and I’ll prove it.

1. PatBateman’s Ribeye Steak

2. Steak

3. Texas Smoked Brisket

4. Bacon

5. Beef Ribs

6. Pork (including ham, ribs, pork butt, but excluding bacon)

7. Sausage (due to the many types of sausage, they will be lumped into this one spot, so stop complaining that your local Whole Foods’ chicken cranberry garlic curry bullshit hipster sausage should be higher on the list)


8. Smoked Chicken/Fried Chicken

9. Pork Tenderloin

10. Venison Tenderloin

11. Wild Boar Tenderloin

12. Your Mom’s Tender Loins

13. Barbacoa

14. Fish

15. Smoked Turkey

16. Duck

17. Goose

18. Rabbit

19. Squirrel

20. Chicken Cranberry Garlic Curry Bullshit Hipster Sausage


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