Is the smoke detector working?

Look, I know Deadspin is part of Gawker and all so cross-blog cheerleading is to be expected

But I’m more than sick and tired of it being foisted upon me that I should oblige myself to check out Deadspin and every little shitty thing they do because they’re so “witty” and “clever” and all the other bullshit. For me Deadspin and their type of “reporting”/”humor” just symbolizes further why I have such a seething hatred for Millennials, why I think Millennials are the biggest, most massive mistake by humanity itself, why I despise myself for being a Millennial, why I wouldn’t mind if a generational-selective virus would just wipe Millennials out (even if it includes me), why the Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers need to be put on trial for crimes against humanity for raising Millennials the way they did with ungodly severe, literally worse-than-Hitler capital punishment (I’m talking the punishment for such crimes against humanity must in turn be crimes against humanity-worthy), and why I’ve just completely given up on humanity and look forward to whatever other intelligent race is out there in the universe to propagate throughout the galaxy instead of us.


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