Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

Life....Ugh (1 Rant + 1 Paragraph Of Me Going On About A Girl Inside)

So, Im taking 3 classes this semester. Each 4 hours long, and each has about 10 hours of homework. So right now Im juggling 12 hours in a classroom, 30 hours sitting at home working on schoolwork, all while trying to work enough to support my truck and have some semblance of a social life. I only have 250 dollars in the bank currently, and gas prices are going up. So I'm a bit stressed, and my dad losing and breaking my stuff all while being a total asshole is not helping. Im not sleeping right, Im not eating right. Im lucky I remember to take my meds. Plus I'm unmedicated ADD (this fact should explain my kinja posting habits a bit), If I were to take ADD meds I wont be able to draw because I will be too focused on one insignificant aspect of the drawing and it wont turn out right. I have a drafting assignment due in 10 hours and I havent even started it yet, I cant focus on it due to my ADD, lack of sleep, lack of nutrition and stress level. I just wanna scream every bit of air out of my lungs. But Life goes on, I have to at least attempt to finish my homework and get to school early enough to find a parking spot.

End Rant 1

So there is a girl in my Arch Drafting class that I cant tell if she has been flirting with me. She has been playing footsie with me in class, joking with me on facebook, she hangs on to my shoulder when we walk through the halls, and I text her about my truck and even though she has said she has no idea what Im saying, she still continues the conversation as if she is trying to make an effort and learn about my interests. She has even offered to help with the new door installation. The reason I cant tell if she has been flirting with me is the fact that she has a form of cerebral palsy. The footsie and the holding on to my shoulder could very well be involuntary and the texting and facebooking can easily be friendly gestures and not romantic at all. But heres the thing, the night after my second arch drafting class, she posted on facebook that she has a crush. Not being specific at all, but she had to have known I would see it. This was after the footsie. One more thing, she is friends with my Ex, an Ex that is bad news. She tends to lie for no reason at all, the other day I heard her in the hall saying she was living in Vegas when she was 15. She wasnt living in vegas when she was 15, because she was dating me in Denver when she was 14. She lies for no reason at all and it just mucks things up. I dont know what my ex has told this girl about me. I try to stay away from her, because things with her can go from a nice conversation to a huge misunderstanding in no time flat. Anyway, this girl and I always sit next to each other in class and there is definitely something there, I have no idea what but there is chemistry of sorts. The thing is I'm not sure I wanna date her even if there is an attraction, due to the fact that she is friends with my ex. Any advice?


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