Is the smoke detector working?

Lemme just vent here for a minute

Work: I hate on of my co-workers. guy is fucking 45, acts like a child on LSD. He already got fired from the place once, after flipping a customers side by side. Dunno how he got back. Fucker CONSTANTLY accuses me of stealing his clients and just acts like a child all the time.

also, my commute is seriously starting to get to me. its 42KM, mainly high. but our new start times make it such that i end up SMACK in the middle of rush hour each time. I average 30km/h on the way home. My fuel consumption sucks ($140 a week in the car) fucking ppl dont know how to get their thumbs out of there asses and fucking MOVE.

Weather: seriously, its been like 2 months of constant 32F and rain. fucking. ENOUGH. either get your shit in gear and let it be a sunny summer already, or snow and put me out of my misery already. stop mocking me

The sv: it leaks coolant out of the new motor. I want to toss this shit over a cliff now. That ZX-6R is looking MIGHTY fucking enticing right about now.

Also managed to get myself BACK in debt. not a lot. but I dont have any expenses other then gas, phone bill and MOTD. HOW did I manage to burn like 4G? it cant have been just in food and going out can it? jesus fucking Christ.

On the topic of $ spending, dad still owes me like $500 and I havce school coming up. which is going to be a nice little $2500 payable. ugh.

Oh yea, and to add to all this personal bullshit, the morons running the local pride parade are once again protesting the cops being there and “#FREETHESPIRIT commercials over the radio and bullshit like that. I dont mind the parade. but when you have your commercials every 5 god dam minutes everywhere I’m going to get annoyed.

Oh yea, and to top it all off, my girlfriend has been antsy with me lately. Frankly, I’m getting kinda tired of this long distance relationship thing. I cant do it. I dont want to lose her, but there is no real way to see each other for 8 months of the year. And i’m getting tired of calling a series of texts on my phone a girlfriend. Shes been less the pleased with my interactions as well as of late. Maybe this relationship has run its course? She still has like 3k worth of textbooks of mine.

/rant over. I think.

Have a photo from my squid days


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