Welcome to the second edition of La Basura Mañanera!

your roundup of the most striking Mexican news you probably don’t crave, all in one place every morning if I have the mental fortitude to read them the night before. Here are the important stories you need to know.

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First bag:Peru’s president is in trouble...


Peru’s president resigned after rumors of him being linked to the Brazilian clusterfuck “Oderbrecht.”A company that had no issue helping corrupt governments including the Mexican one embezzled billions of dollars, all this caught by the US. Who said they weren’t the world’s police officer!

Second bag: Please let us finish fucking the country over...


The Mexican Business council or CCE demanded presidential candidate and crazy person Andres Lopez Obrador honour the investments made into the new Mexico City airport. Lopez, a stounched idiot is saying the airport should be cancelled even if the terrain has already been leveled and billions of Pesos have already gone into it’s construction. All of this because he’s upset the airport actually cost any money!

Let us remember that the federal auditor (ASF) already said the airport had clear overspending issues linked to fraud by hundreds of companies and individuals linked to the government. Also let us remember Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador oversaw the construction of the worst transit solution for Mexico City: the elevated ring road. Meaning the builders are criminals and Lopez is criminally bad at judging infrastructure.

As the current current airport is overstressed and Lopez’s followers are encouraged by a big lead in the polls I ask you: What happens when an unstoppable hypocrite hits an unmovable 117 billion peso airport?


Third bag: In obvious news

Robert Lighthizer, US commerce representative and porter of an awesome name for a bond villain said he sees Lopez Obrador as a “threat” to American investments in Mexico and that neither him or the Trump administration will honour these investments if Lopez comes to power. This would be news because the US loves invading countries over economic disputes (ahem Chile).

However, seeing Lopez as a threat to investment is true considering his current stance on things, but us Chilangos remember him as he who let the business community do whatever the fuck they want within city limits!


Fourth bag: Formally asked to leave.

The national electoral institute, INE, asked former Nuevo Leon governor to stop saying he’s a contender in the presidential election as he did not achieve enough signatures to appear in the Ballot. Known as “El Bronco” the citizens of Nuevo Leon must now see if they accept the return of the governor as he asked for a leave of absence to contend for the presidency.


This shouldn’t come as news because no one outside Monterrey likes him, and INE qualified 810,995 of his signatures as fake.

Fifth bag: It wasn’t hotel California, but still many never got to leave.


Yesterday 16 people were killed in Palenque Bar California by unknown gunmen carrying assult rifles. Amongst those killed was the son of the Mayor.

This mass shooting also left 24 injuries and many traumatized.

From Lbm we hope for a speedy recovery for those injuried and lament the passing of those attacked senselessly by these gunmen.


Recycling: should it be killed?

The new airport, alike everything Peña Nieto has touched, is seriously flawed but necessary in a way, should the business community get away eith embezzling billions from us or should we suffer the consequences of having such a small airport handling the nation’s tourism, one of our biggest money makers?

That’ll be all for today, wait for the next edition of La Basura Mañanera whenever I have the time to do it again and remember: news without context is nothing but content!