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That’s all. Personal shit below. Read if you want

I won’t go into the trivialities or share my life story; that’s not for the internet to have. I will say that I have not had an “easy life” or that things were ever handed to me, ever. Yes I am (now) an upper-middle class white male land owner; everything I have I’ve worked my ass off for and am damn proud of it.


Anyhow I’ve made it this far in life without feeling the need to see a psychiatrist. My wife started suggesting I see someone about year ago, then the suggestion became an urge. The urge became a demand and the demand nearly became divorce papers before I got it through my thick skull

I’ve now been diagnosed with PTSD and severe anxiety. They’re going to look at panic disorder as well and, after I’ve been on meds for a couple months, start treatment for ADHD. I’m still not sure how I feel (or should feel) about this. I never considered anything in my past to be worthy (of sorts) of causing PTSD but everyone who has heard the events of my young life are seriously surprised I survived at all. Maybe they’re on to something. I don’t know. I do know this is going to cause many changes in my life

I ain’t really care any more, either. Gotta stop being stubborn about my mental health. As long as this helps me regain something lost ages ago, that’s all that matters. Right?

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