NSFW, political posts, stuff like tht. Try and keep it off Oppo please. Cigar lounge was created for those specific posts. If you want authorship on CL, feel free to ask me or any of the other mods (there should be a list kicking around here somewhere) for authorship.

In gerneral, we really only have 2 rules.
1: Dont be a dick. Unpopular opinions and conversations are welcome, but once the swearing at each other starts, we WILL shut that thread down/step in. Keep it civil people

2: Seriously, Dont be a dick. also, no trolling please.

And thats really about it. You want to post your NFSW rant/stuff here? By all means go ahead, but remember to but a buffer image and to tag the title with NFSW.

Stay classy CL (hehehe....classy craigslist. yea right)