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Job question time...advice would be appreciated

So, I’ve been at my current job since March. At first I was strictly here to do some IT work, bring them up to date with 2017 technology(their previous daily operations was old school and messy), and some admin. work. Fast forward to today and I have my hand in a lot of things...for better or worse.

My job is a Non for Profit Academy for dance and “the arts”. They operate thanks to class costs and donations. They do NOT advertise at all or run any form of promotions. The rent is $14,000 a month, which they barely seem to make. They let money walk out the door in terms of people taking 1 class and not coming back as well.

The Board is made up of some smart people, but they’re as dense as bricks. They intend to squeeze their small customer base for money rather than promote and bring in new faces. The director does NOT want to make this place “a business” or “too commercial” as she feels like it’ll ruin her philosophy.


I want to sit in on the next meeting and break down a plan to promote and expand this business as well as bring up the retention rate of people.

The problems I see are numerous though about this:1) I’ll be directly going against the philosophy of the person who signs my pay checks, 2) I’ll want more money to do any of this...and they’ll scoff at that and 3) they’re all dense as bricks.

So...what do you guys think I should do? I like being here, it’s got a lot of perks..yet there are so many flaws in the business that makes job security weak. I feel like I can follow through with my ideas as long as i don’t have insane constraints by them.

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