Is the smoke detector working?

Jezebel (A.K.A, I've made a huge mistake) EDIT

Word of warning: I have absolutely nothing against Jezebel at all.


I commented on this Jez post with a joke about crazy animal people. It is worth noting that I am one of them. I've had anywhere from 4-6 cats for as long as I can remember.

My joke may have been in bad taste to a point, but the amount of hate it got responded to with was absolutely unbelievable. I guess I stay on Oppo too often because I though people would understand it was a joke.

Sure, it was dumb, but so much hatred.....we try to ignore people online, but it still kind of ruins your night. I bet those involved in the other post are in bad moods right now, and I totally understand.

TL;DR: Made a stupid joke, got stupid amounts of hate


So this is me with Jez from now on.

EDIT: Note shared reply......I decided to try to be nice

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