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Is the smoke detector working?
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It's time for discrimination over tattoos in the workplace to end for good.

Yeah, so if by any chance you've got a dick tattooed on your forehead or the word "fuck" tattooed on your knuckles, No you're probably not going to get your dream job. But if you have an easily concealed non-offensive sleeve tattoo, why do employers still judge you and your abilities because of it? Yeah, they might try and say it looks "unprofessional" or "degrades from our moral fiber" but who's it hurting or offending? Yeah, maybe crotchety old folks may feel "intimidated." But this is the 21th century, we no longer refer to women as wenches (I speak for most of us), and more and more young people are starting to get tattoos which just has to be embraced and accepted by more employers.

Some employers are getting more strict, but Starbucks is starting to open their policies. But here's the thing, Having a tattoo doesn't reflect on your professional skills. The only thing that it affects is your appearance, if that even. Non offensive and concealable by a dress shirt tattoos shouldn't have an impact over whether you get a job or not. All that I hope happens, is that this kind of thing stops, and I can get a full sleeve tattoo and my dream job at the same time.


Thanks for reading my winded frustrations/angers and luckily the two careers I'm considering changing to don't have any policies in place.

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