Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

Is your President as dumb as Boris Johnson?

Mine isn’t

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You see, this isn’t Obrador visiting a covid patient in a brand-new hospital in Cuernavaca without a face mask. This Obrador dressing-up one of bodyguards in a hospital gown so that the staff in the hospital can “simulate” how a covid patient would be treated. Of course, our president, the secretary of health, the secretary of the navy, and the secretary of the army... some of the most important people in the country... are not wearing facemasks no matter what. Because MEN don’t wear masks. MEN have forty inch penuses that filter covid 19 out of their bodies even if they’re sixty six, have had invasive heart surgery in the past, and have the diet of a five year old.

Also, there’s a red, white, and green sticker where the president has to stand for the photo-op with his bodyguard. Why isn’t the president wearing protective gear in a simulation? Because don’t be silly. 

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