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Here's A Side To Feminism You'll Never See On Jezebel

The Factual Feminist is a series of videos produced by the American Enterprise Institute, and they offer their own look at feminist issues. Just as Gawker Media has a left-leaning agenda, AEI appears to lean right. I'm still new to this channel, but I think it's safe to say this is certainly not Jezebel Brand Feminism.


*puff puff*

I first learned about AEI's Factual Feminist two weeks ago when their video, Are Video Games Sexist? appeared on the front page of everyone's favorite website, Reddit.

After spending years submerged in the Gawker blogosphere, I find this incredibly refreshing.


This is my first post here in the lounge, and I'd like to thank the admins for setting this up. The reception of CL has gone about as I expected — including accusations of misogyny, and another long-winded lecture from Oppo's self-proclaimed asshole mod. FREE CRAZEDCLAY

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