Is the smoke detector working?


So this is my first year as a business owner. I needed to get some tax forms from the federal building downtown. My former boss said all I had to do was go in and they'd be spread out on a big table. I went and even though they were still open they wouldn't let me in because they had too many people to help. I go back this morning. There is a table full of forms but not the one I need. I go into the room to find a ton of people waiting and only one person helping.

I take a number and start looking through the other forms they have out to see if the one I need is there. I find the file labeled with a similar form. Nothing. All the drawers around that one are empty.

Waited 40 minutes. One lady was just about to leave when I got there. One lady paid some bill. And the next lady was still there when I left. In 40 minutes the one employee fully assisted one person.


After being late for work and an expired meter I decide to leave. I then hold on the phone to order the forms for about 15 minutes. The lady who helped me was nice and all was done in a few minutes. But now I have to wait 10 business days for forms.

The older I get the more I grow to hate large government entities.

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