It's something beyond the cars now, it's something more than that and something to do with me. Nothing seems to be going right in life or how I want it to. Turns out I'm failing precalc with a 53% when I thought I was at least passing. I have a final exam for the class next Thursday and there's no way I can possibly study all the material again over the entire course of the class to be prepared for it; and I'm gonna end up taking the class again for the THIRD time, my parents will no doubt be pissed and disappointed in me regardless of how hard I've been trying to pass this time. I'm questioning my reasoning for trying to be an engineer who can't even succeed in the simplest of math classes, my future and whether or not I'll even live to be successful at anything in the future. Everything is making me question the point of life if you get nowhere and what's supposed to make me happy in life even though I can't do shit now.

And everyone else I know will just pass me by and be successful in life and endeavors as I just wallow in future debt and the incapability to do anything.

What's the point of life if I can't do this one thing? What's the point of struggling in life to do one thing? What is it? Nothing makes sense to me anymore, I'm just fucked for life now.

Just fuck my life right now,