Yesterday was the final straw honestly. We got a new supervisor in our store recently who we have nicknamed "The Gestapo". She respects no one, is super rude and bossy, and has overall brought our store's morale down. What she did yesterday really threw me overboard.

She started in our store about a month ago. I knew things weren't going to be good when she never even bothered to introduce herself to any of us. I only know her name because I read the manager board behind the front desk. Her first day there, when it was somewhat cold out, she yelled at everyone not wearing an official Publix jacket and using something from home. This is something no manager has ever cared about. Mainly because it's Florida and rarely cold.

She has no personality whatsoever and makes it seem like she doesn't care about you. She has never asked anyone how they were or says please or thank you. She only points out your fuck ups that you make. There is never a compliment from her.

Also fun, the other day, I got told that I was putting in "an alarming amount" of time off requests. All have been for school related things. When asked why, I explained that school was more important than this job. They didn't like that but I don't really care because I don't want to be a bagger for the rest of my life.

So, yesterday night, around 6:30, after being there since 11:30, she walks up to me "Go clear the lot of carts." So, I head outside. It was clear no one had been out in a while. I was alone. For a good 55 minutes, I cleared about 80% of the carts there. You usually only stay out about 15. Feeling I did more than my part, I head back inside and start bagging on a busy register. I'm somewhat out of breathe and sweating a ton. She walks up behind me again, "You didn't finish. Get back out there." I turn to her and kind of lost my cool because she had already been riding me all day. "Seriously!" I say rather loudly. "Excuse me?" she replied. "I have been the only one out there for the past 50 or so minutes busting my ass. She hasn't gotten off that register in over an hour. He just got off break. Send one of them out! Send me out again and I'll go to my car and go home for the day!" She stared at me for a few seconds then just walked away.


No one has ever been so rude to me and made me lose my cool like that. The cashiers around me were all proud of me for standing up to her. They all agree that its not right. I don't mean to sound full of myself, but I am constantly told by cashiers I'm one of their favorites. I have been told by my manager that this is why I'm not cashier yet. Her exact words? "You're too damn good as a bagger."

So I get bossed around and disrespected by someone who barely makes more than me and have no room to grow in this company. This is really fucked up here. I've had enough. I'm tired of this. I'm also tired of working 30 hour weeks while still in high school.

I finally sold the Volvo and just got my tax refund. I'm so ready to put in my two weeks notice. Fuck that place. I need something else. It would be part 2 in my new life.


Sorry for ranting.