Day 21. I am still unable to find work. I have applied everywhere and can’t even get a callback anymore. Hell, Pizza Hut won’t even give me a chance. No one wants to hire a 17 year old and it is really stressing me out. I’ve been working since I was 14. I have serving and general customer service experience. I’m a straight A student with his own reliable transportation. I am available anytime after school. Why can’t I at least get a callback?

I have bills to pay. I’m seriously stressing out now because I am just running out of options. I’m just so tired of everything turning to shit. This past year has been terrible and it only seems to get worse and worse. I am mentally falling apart here. I hate this feeling. I hate not having control over anything. I’m starting to break down just typing this out now for fuck’s sake.

Sorry for rambling so much here. I always hate to do it.