A bit political. Just to warn.

I’m the head of the tech committee within my useless Leadership class. I was instructed by the rally commissioner to make a 3 min video about civil rights struggles in america. The rally proposal was strongly worded about the inequality (insert strong words) and was quite reminscent of a speech a while back where I decried this class and shat on their shitty efforts to make a false reality of bliss and matrimony within the “multicultural” rallies. That speech was on what “multicultural” meant to me. After I made that speech, someone went balls out against me and yelled at me on how _______ (defense of ideals). I calmly made rebuttals back. The heat got cranked up and concluded with this someone making a crazy, nearly baseless argument to defend her ideals.

This time, she took a lighter side. One took the side of “tolerating the intolerant”. What is there to intolerate with civil fucking rights? I was completely open to compromises. I was willing to make a fucking video that keep with their demands. But they didn’t want the video. Then there was a vote. 17-14. No video. This has been teetering with my soul and it’s really fucking with me. It disheartens that the mere possibility of a video that hasn’t even been fucking made has been taken down. And that anger has become depression. I spent my lunch reading 1984 and listening to useless efforts by a club to make spirit days. I felt like shit. I felt even worse when I had to go through a 1.5 lesson on class inequality in my gov class. I shouted angrily at a few people for accepting the defeat. I talked to a counselor.

And I still feel depressed. Fuck my class. I’m making the video in the form of interviews. The people in my committee are allied with me. I’m going to transmit my feelings into this video, and crush what shit they said about this. Goddamn taboos. I hate them.