Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?


That could be farthest from the truth. We cannot all be equal, because none of us are the same. If equality happened, it would be through cloning one fucking person and eliminating everyone else. People would be the same size, shape, sex, ethnicity, mind, etc. If we were meant to be equal. People want fairness, not equality. Fairness would be when males could file a rape claim and not be laughed at. Fairness would be where the government wasn't ripping bibles out of hospitals and such, but allowing any other religious doctrine. Fairness would be where we all had equal opportunity at schools, jobs, scholarships, or anything of that liking. Fairness would be where all men aren't rapists. Fairness would be when a woman slapped a man's ass at work, she got the same punishment. Fairness is what is needed, not equality. Equality would be terrible.



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