Is the smoke detector working?

I'm not feeling so great...

I’m in a funk. Dunno why. it seems that every day I spend hours doing work and sending emails, and yet nothing seems to be getting done.

I havent even touched the BMW yet. it still needs spark plugs, chain and sprockets, valve lash check.

Yellow runs. but I need to rebuild the fuel tap (AGAIN), do the under tail, and do something about those turn signals

Black SV: has the new chain. needs an oil change (for which I have no filter...dam it) and the lights..

garage is a mess. grease and tools everywhere. my rooms arent really THAT far behind.

school is.... not replying to my emails. they aren’t allowing me to register for courses for some reason. Need to get that figured out.

lets not even get started on my social and love life. those are so dead even the grim reaper avoids them.

Nothing I seem to do lately is yielding any results it seems. *sigh* This heat thats been around for the past week or so isnt helping either.

I think I’m just going to curl up in a corner and listen to some sad music for a while. maybe cuddle the cat *gets scratched* WELL FUCK YOU TOO FUZZBUCKET

this about sums up how I’m feeling ATM

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