Is the smoke detector working?

I'm glad not all politicians have lost their minds.

May God bless Michael Bennet. politics after the buffer image.

Watching his honest and candid response to professional dipshit Ted Cruz was strangely heartwarming. The wall is fucking stupid. Like super obvious, total fucking stupidity.


That something so completely moronic, so monumentally idiotic, is being debated as if it somehow warranted actual debate instead of outright dismissal and derision has been boggling my mind. Like how did our country become so abysmally stupid? Why are our citizens and politicians like this? How was blatant stupidity and political assholery allowed to come this far, for so long?

In any event, if you haven’t watched Michael Bennet’s response to Cruz, you must. You’ll stop asking if everybody is taking crazy pills. It is authentic, and angry. Not this glib smugness most democrats have been ladling out when poking holes in contemporary republican bullshit. But honest to goodness anger and truth. As somebody who lived in Colorado for over a decade, and lives in Texas now, I write with sincerity: Bless that man. And fuck Cruz.

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