Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

Im getting stressed out again

And its causing me to become depressed again. First, I think im going to finish with my first C in high school. Stupid chemistry. I have a really condescending, useless teacher. I dont get what she is trying to force us to get. That just frustrates the Hell out of me. Spring break is coming up so teachers are overwhelming us with work. I also don’t know what im doing for college or anything. Every time we talk about moving, Dad shoots down the idea. I just got a raise at the dealership and don’t want to leave in may. In fact, I want more hours. But I dont know whats going on. My car is making me pull my hair out. Some dealerships have wasted so much of my time and patience. The traffic in my town has gotten outrageous. I just feel like im becoming weaker every day now.


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