Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?
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I'm done being "not political"

I’m done being not political for fear of pissing someone off or loosing friends. I never spoke up when Bush invaded Iraq for no reason. I never spoke up when the Republicans fucked up the ACA. I never speak up. If middle age middle class white guys like me don’t speak up this country will not progress, because lets be honest here. Middle age very rich white guys run the show and can only relate to other middle age white guys.

From now on I’m speaking my mind and vocally supporting my brothers and sisters that are different than me. Call me a lib-tard if you will, I will just smile at you and say thanks because I have known several developmentally disabled people and they were the most compassionate and honest people I have ever known, if only I can one day be that compassionate and honest.


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