It's outdated and just stupid...somehow lobbying isn't bribing, gerrymandering is fine, winner takes all is somehow representing the will of the people, and the never ending campaign is ridiculous. Oh and most politicians are unbelievably stupid or uninformed.

What would i like to see instead?

1. Get rid of lobbying and give each senator or representative money to hire someone to research the things they are voting on...politicians should not be making decisions based on "facts" from company paid lobbyists.

2. Have a computer draw up districts instead, based on population and trying to keep each district as square as possible.

3. Doubt this would ever happen but I'd love for each person to get 3 can use 2 on one person and one on another. This would help get rid of 2 party races.

4. Get money out of politics...have all elections tax payer funded. How this would work I'm not sure, you would need some way to weed out people so you don't have 50 candidates in a race. Maybe make each politician pay some kind of entrance fee to get put on the ballot...nothing outrageous but enough to discourage insincere people.


It may not fix all the problems but i think this would be a great start. To bad none of this will probably ever happen here.

That's my 2 cents for the night.